Choosing Evening Dresses Around a Black-Tie Dress Code
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Choosing Evening Dresses Around a Black-Tie Dress Code

An evening dress, evening gown or evening dress is typically a long flowing gown usually worn in formal occasions like weddings and other social gatherings. The drop includes drop earring, drop earrings and sometimes even a tiara. Evening dresses are typically made of luxuriantly fine fabrics including chiffon, silk, satin, crepe, brocade, organza, Georgette, taffeta and sometimes even cashmere. Silk is still a popular fibre for most evening dresses.

It used to be that the only occasion where you would see women wearing these luxurious gowns was on the big night itself, when they were being married. Nowadays there are so many special occasions that can call for an evening dress, and it has become much more acceptable for women to wear them to work and on special occasions and social gatherings. This is due to the general rise in elitist tendencies within our society. Women who are not members of elite circles are now considered to have high fashion status. The drop or formal dress code has fallen by the wayside and this has made the wearing of evening dresses much more common.

The materials used in making these special occasion dresses include silk, velvet, chiffon and crepe. Most women prefer these fabrics over other more formal fabrics since they are light, airy and allow the natural curves of your body to show. When it comes to colours, most women tend to choose dark hues for their cocktail dresses, and light colours like whites, tans and nudes for their evening dresses. The most common colours for cocktail dresses include black, navy blue, charcoal grey, burgundy, light blue, green, ivory, white and red.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing the right evening dresses for your event. The first thing is to consider the season in which you will be attending the event. Dresses for spring and summer will tend to be looser than those for winter and autumn, while you would need to choose a dress with more structure and depth for a night in the winter.

The second thing that you should keep in mind is the body type you have. There are three main body types – straight, pear shaped and hourglass. You should choose evening dresses that fall within the shape of your body type. The best way to check whether you have the right body shape is to go to a dress shop and try on dresses that have been designed by the models of your body type. If you can get an idea from there, then you would know what type of dress you need to go for.

Finally, it is also important to check out the formal wear and accessories that you will need to accessorize your black-tie dress code. For formal occasions, a simple but elegant clutch or a bow on your waist would be appropriate. For less formal occasions, such as a date or a party, you might consider wearing a more interesting handbag or a glamorous watch.

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