Cool Looks For Summer - How to Wear White Summer Dresses
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Cool Looks For Summer – How to Wear White Summer Dresses?

It’s that time of year again – summer time! If you’re planning on hitting the beach or going to the clubs, then you know that a good piece of clothing is essential. If you don’t already have a great summer wardrobe, now is the time to create a plan of what to wear. One great way to make your wardrobe more versatile is to add some color! Whether you choose light pastel colors like pinks and blues, or you opt for bold fuchsias, purples, or reds; you can jazz up your basic black and white summer dresses.

The number one trend in this season is bold and bright colors! A little white dress with a bold print is always a hit. You can try wearing a bold turquoise blue dress with an open toed sandal, a turquoise necklace, and some black pumps. Depending on where you are heading, you may consider adding a few platform heels to your beachy summer look or even a pair of cute earrings.

If you are headed to the pool, then you have a few more options with your white summer dress. For starters, if you are at the pool with a big bottom, you can wear a bright yellow dress with bright accents such as a belt and sunglasses. If you are at a hotel and have your own room, a simple and yet classy change to a white tank top with some bright flowers or polka dots can work wonders. Remember though, the longer your dress, the longer you’ll stay in the hotel!

If you are heading to a more casual event like a picnic, then your best bet is to wear a more classic piece of clothing. A cotton or silk shirt with a pattern that you love can be just the dress you need to step out in style. Try wearing a denim skirt along with a pretty floral print, or opt for a knee length cotton dress. One important thing to remember when it comes to wearing chic white dresses like this is to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and not over done.

If you live on the beach, your options for cute white summer dresses are almost endless. You can head to a local boutique that offers fun and trendy beachy items. In particular, head to the beach stores in both cities you are traveling to and buy flat sandals, flip-flops, and jewelry from them. You can also find great accessories from them such as jewelry, sunglasses, and keychains in beautiful patterns. For instance, if you head to the beach in June, you can look for beautiful crochet accessories, towels, and sun hats.

If you are headed to the pool, a little bit of luxury is necessary with your wardrobe additions. Consider buying a beautiful white dress and some beautiful shoes. Remember to pair it with the right accessories such as a thin bracelet and some gorgeous heels. Flat shoes work best with these types of dresses. If you don’t want to wear shoes, a nice pair of white flip flops or sandals will work. After your day at the pool, you can wear your gorgeous summer dress to the office and then use it to go shopping!

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