Fashion Tips for Wearing a Green Dress to Work
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Fashion Tips for Wearing a Green Dress to Work

For the fashionista who is always on the go, green dresses can provide the much needed relief from stress or even at times the required zest to jazz up an otherwise boring outfit. What makes green so stylish is its freshness, the fact that it is a natural color and the shades range from cool and bright orange to pale lavender and even into the distant purple hues. There are plenty of variations that one can try while wearing green dresses. If the dress is strapless, the neckline can be v-necked or if it comes to the knee, then a scooped neckline can be worn. For a casual look, then the neckline can be slouchy and there are wide varieties of necklines like the V-neck, High Neck, Boxer Necklace, etc.

Ornaments having stones of the exact same hue as the green dress is ideal for a green dress to highlight its beauty. These include chrysoprase, chalcedony, light green borate, green garnet, lapis lazuli and other shades of minerals. The shades range from cool to warm and this gives you the flexibility to choose an outfit for almost any occasion and for any face:

Now, if you have black shoes, emerald green dresses won’t look right. You can consider wearing black shoes or studded black shoes to accessorize green dresses. Black shoes will help you balance out the emerald green’s lighter tones, which could be too much for one’s taste. Also consider the height of your feet: long and straight tights are more suitable for these dresses; and for the foot itself, consider wearing wedges, pointed heeled boots, flat sandals or other ankle boots.

When it comes to accessories, green dresses might not always be enough. This is especially true if the ensemble does not emphasize or complete its own beauty. For this, you might want to consider wearing accessories matching the green dress that go from top to bottom. A simple belt with some rhinestones added to it can add some more shine and sparkle to your outfit. You might also want to consider wearing a colorful sash around your waist or on your wrist, which would complete and add more style to your overall attire.

A pair of earrings and a bracelet are great accessory pieces that you can wear with a green dress to instantly make it look like you’re attending a fashion show instead of working. Also consider a purse for your look: a small clutch or a medium sized purse with a lot of space for storing things. Also consider wearing a simple belt and watch. These will really make you look like a professional woman instead of a student.

It’s important to know which colors and shades compliment each other. Pinks, blues, greens, reds, and blacks are all considering neutral colors. There is no exact rule as to what color shade should be worn to which color wheel; the only thing that’s necessary is to know which shades can go well with one another. And when you do choose a color combination, remember that the lighter the shade, the lighter the shoes and purse must also be.

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