Gold Dress Photography Tips
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Gold Dress Photography Tips

A gold dress can look beautiful with a little gold shoe. You get that continual flow of color in the dress from the gold dress to your shoes which creates a beautiful straight, slender line. If you’re wearing a gold dress with gold shoes, you still have to be very careful to match the intensity of gold with the shade of gold. Gold is a very true bright color, but it’s also very wear-resistant.

A gold dress may look beautiful with a simple pair of nude heels and a nude clutch or earrings. However, a delicate floral print with the blue of the evening flowers would be a wonderful contrast to the bright blue of the gold. A blue silk flower would look magnificent on a gold dress worn with black pumps and a thin gold bracelet. A pure white silk flower on a gold dress can be breathtaking. A simple, off-white silk flower, however, might not go well with the theme of the evening.

Photographs make the dress into a work of art, so you want to make sure that the photo is taken in a proper place. Make sure the background is a decent color (beige, gray, or pure white) so that the gold dress stands out. The dress should be positioned so that it is not too high or low-lying. In order for the photo to really stand out, you should position the camera so that the object in the center is at eye level. Many people place the object at eye level when taking a portrait of someone standing rather than placing the subject higher or lower. It causes the audience to get a better view of the person being photographed.

After you have decided on the subject and location of the portrait, you must determine the colors of the dress. The most common color is gold, followed by silver, blue, green, and pink. A black dress, as always, completes the picture. You will need to determine the best place in your house to take the photograph. If your living room is big, then it is better to use an elevated platform.

Once you have chosen the subject and chosen the best location for your photograph, you will need to determine the level of constancy. To achieve the best results, the dress should be taken at the same level every time the person is posed. In addition, the subject and background should be somewhat similar so that the viewers can see the dress as it appears in real life.

Even though the dress may be dramatic, it should be taken at different angles. When the dress is positioned low, the legs will appear shorter. The positioning of the arms will be different if the arms are higher. In addition, the gold jewelry will be in the spotlight, rather than the legs. This will result in a more dramatic photograph.

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