How to Wear Black Tie Dresses Properly
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How to Wear Black Tie Dresses Properly?

In this article I will teach you how to wear black tie dresses well. This is a must know for any woman who wants to look her best on any special event or date. Although black tie dresses can be worn by both men and women, it is the woman who is able to pull them off well. Let’s face it; black tie dresses are a tad more formal than the white tie variety.

Most men tend to either not care for black tie dresses or they simply can’t wear them. The fact is, black tie dresses actually have some style to them. They create an elegant feeling that just screams elegance. They are also made to fit into the little black dress motif that most women seem to have.

However, there is one thing about black tie dresses that is a definite no-no. This is the color black. You cannot wear a black tie dress with a red suit. The contrasting colors will just clash and it will look like you mismatched the two.

Here’s another no-no: the color black should never be combined with white. If you have light skin, you can wear a black tie dress with a white or ivory blouse. If you have darker skin, then you should avoid it. The reason is that the lighter skin will make you appear much darker than you actually are. Wearing a white shirt with a black tie dress will make you look like you’ve gone through a photoshoot.

You should also avoid wearing black tie dresses when you have a tan, blue or grey vest or even a polo shirt. The contrast can be too overwhelming. It will just ruin the look. You can also try on black jeans for more casual outfits, but make sure you get a dark pair of jeans so that your tie dye won’t show through.

In general, black tie dresses should be in solid shades of black. You can choose dark blue dark grey, black or navy. However, you should avoid bold colors like red, orange, lime green, yellow or blue. As far as accessories are concerned, you can wear black shoes, rings, bracelets or even a bracelet. Your belt should also be black. As for your belt, you can wear a black corduroy or leather belt with the dress you have chosen.

If you want to add that finishing touch to your outfit, you can wear a tiny waistcoat that matches or is very close to the color of the tie that you are wearing. This will help you to draw the attention away from the tie. If you don’t know how to wear black tie dresses, here’s an example. If you are wearing a dark blue suit, you can wear a white or beige waistcoat to draw the attention away from the blue tie.

It is important that you understand that a black tie is a formal dress and it should be one that fits your body type. For instance, if you are short and slim, avoid black tie dresses that are too long as it will make you look even shorter. And if you are tall and stocky, it’s best to avoid ties that are too short as it will make you look even bulkier. To get some idea on how to wear black tie dresses, you can search the internet or browse through magazines for some great ideas.

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