Knee Length Dresses Are Back in Style!
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Knee Length Dresses Are Back in Style!

When it comes to knee length dresses, it’s important to remember that no fashion is complete without this season’s hottest trend. Although knee length dresses have been seen in some of the most classic and elegant gowns, they are certainly not limited to these lengths. Knee length dresses can be found for many different shapes and sizes. Whether your shape is hourglass, pear, apple, banana, or more, you will find a style of knee length dress to suit your needs. It is important to note that the right dress will accentuate your best assets and disguise your less attractive ones as well.

Dress Code: Knee Length dresses are flattering on just about everyone. They are easy to find, can be worn to any event, and give the wearer plenty of style options. Whether you opt for a floor length Knee length dress or a knee-length mini dress, make sure it is an appropriate fit. Whether it is a strapless or halter dress, make sure that it is flattering and can easily be adapted to any type of outfit.

Dress Code: Midi Dress With the rise of hipster styles of dresses in the fashion industry, you may want to consider adding a touch of edgier elegance to your wardrobe with some interesting midi dress lengths. These styles include halter dresses with either backless or sleeveless straps and even dressy dresses with an empire waistline. Just because you are wearing a dress with a classic design, does not mean you have to leave out the edginess that adds sophistication to any outfit. Some of the most popular and versatile midi dress lengths are discussed below.

Short Knee: A short knee length dress can be paired with almost any top. These can range from strapless to short sleeves to halter neck. You can wear this dress to work, an evening out on the town, a party, or even just for a casual date out with friends. It will bring out the sexiness in you and give you an instant style boost. If you choose to pair this dress with a plunging neckline, then this will also draw attention to your bust.

Long Knee: You can get away with wearing a long knee length dress if you take care of yourself and avoid certain fashion mistakes. The first thing you need to know about wearing long knee length dresses is that they are usually more forgiving when it comes to minor setbacks such as rips or tears. So if you have some wrinkles or a scruffy chin, a short knee length dress will still look fabulous on you. However, if you want to show off your age spots and blemishes, opt for a longer length.

Short Knee: One of the hardest things about wearing knee length dresses is having to deal with your knees. It can be quite difficult to cover them up because they are usually uncovered at the front. If you don’t mind showing a little skin and have nice legs, you can pull off a short knee length dress. Make sure you choose one that has a higher neckline and goes down to the floor nicely. This way your skirt will stay put and you won’t have to worry about the bottom of the dress being revealed.

Ballet Flats: If you aren’t a natural dancer but still want to look like you’re on the dance floor, try a knee-length dress that’s embellished with a high-heeled shoe. Ballet flats are great for looks that are more modern and less “girly”. They go well with longer or mid calf length dresses. When you’re ready to try on a few different shoes, try a pair in a variety of colors and fabrics. You’ll have a lot of fun experimenting.

These are just a few possibilities for knee-length party dresses. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t be afraid to be daring. Your dress could be open pants outfit with a very short skirt. Or it could be a long, flowing gown that ends below the knee. There are so many options and you should be able to find a great one to fit your needs.

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