Mini Dresses Can Be Fashionable
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Mini Dresses Can Be Fashionable

Mini dresses are those that scream, “she’s got legs like a cat, she can make you look good!” They tend to get to around mid-thigh in length. While they are fun to wear for many occasions, it is important to note they might not be appropriate for every occasion. This is especially true if the mini dress is not appropriate for the event you are attending. Below you will find some of the major reasons mini dresses should never be worn for casual occasions.

Many celebrities choose to wear mini dresses for movie stars such as Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan. It is somewhat of a rule of thumb that Hollywood actors are supposed to look their best at all times. However, there is no reason to assume that mini dresses will be a perfect fit. Celebrities are a unique breed of people because they are expected to have great grooming habits. When mini dresses and short dresses do not fit well they are quickly discarded.

The most obvious way to tell if the mini dress falls to the floor is to notice if it is shorter than normal when you are standing. In general, if the dress length is more than an inch shorter than what is considered short then you will notice if the mini dress falls to the floor. If you notice if the mini dress falls to the ground, but is still within your size range, then the dress type may be appropriate. If the mini dress falls beyond an inch in either direction or is too short, then it is time to find a different style.

Mini dresses with a short hemline often look good on many women. They can range in length from just above knee level to ankle length. Typically mini dresses with a short hemline fall the most on a woman’s body in this height. Women with shorter bodies should look at their wider leg style shoes to balance out the mini dress. This will also allow them to tuck their legs in to cover up the short hemline on the mini dress.


When looking for a good fitting short mini dress, it is important that it is not too long. Women’s bodies can sometimes have a hard time finding a good length that goes with their body. It may be harder to notice if the mini dress is too long, but here are some guidelines to follow. Make sure the waist is not too tight, the fabric is not wrinkled, and that there is no puckering of the fabric under the arms.


Most celebrities are seen in mini dresses during special events like weddings, proms, pageants, and various other celebrity styled events. You should not have to wait until a big night to wear a mini dress, because many celebrities choose to be comfortable and stylish in mini dresses when they want to make a statement without attracting any undue attention. If you have a body type that goes well with mini dresses, then you will be able to find a mini dress that fits into your body type. The most important thing is to keep your eyes open for these style and figure flattering pieces of clothing.

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