Popular Fancy Dress Dresses
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Popular Fancy Dress Dresses

Fancy dress parties are becoming increasingly popular these days. There are so many fancy dress parties held each year and the demand for fancy dress costumes is ever on the increase. Many people, especially women, want to be in a particular character for the fancy dress party, and they need good ideas to suit their fancy dress costumes. Some of the popular ideas that have been used over the years are listed below.

Alice is one of the most popular fancy dress characters, thanks to the movie, “Alice in Wonderland”. This film caused a complete revolution in the fancy dress industry and now any type of fancy dress costume is associated with this fantastic film. The main character, Alice, always has on a beautiful white dress with red polka dots, a tea cup and matching saucers. She is always wearing red high heels and red lipstick.

The lead character, the Cheshire Cat, is very like the Cheshire Cat in the “Alice in Wonderland” book and is represented by the same dress. The costume of this character is completely different from the other characters. It consists of a black bodice, collar, bow tie and ears. The skirt is usually pleated and it can also consist of a sleeveless top and a matching blouse. The whole outfit looks as if it goes perfectly with the character’s white face and black hair.

The most popular princess character is Cinderella. This princess is represented by the beautiful ball gown that consists of a blue, long sleeves dress and a beautiful golden crown. The dress also consists of a purple, puffy sleeves that reach to the knee. A big bow is placed on the forehead, and the whole costume consists of an apron, long gloves and a big shoe. Cinderella is a classic fancy dress character and is loved by all young girls. The popular color for this costume is pale pink.

Another character known as Snow White is even more popular than Cinderella. She is represented by a royal blue dress that consists of a bodice with a full green sleeve and green belt. It has a full white apron and green earrings. The dress is usually topped with a snow-white tiara and a matching slipper. The dress style of this character is almost similar to that of the Cinderella, but it is often more charming and feminine.

A very popular fairy character is the Winnie the Pooh dress. This dress is light green with white polka dots on it. Winnie the Pooh is an all time favorite for children, and it became even more popular when it was made into a movie. A lot of children wear Winnie the Pooh costumes on Christmas and Halloween because they are easy to make and very cute.

A lot of people prefer the Cinderella or the Snow White fancy dress because they are very classic and beautiful. These dresses will never go out of style and you can be sure that you will be the center of attention in any party that you wear one of these dresses. A lot of people think that these dresses are only for women, but you will discover that there are plenty of men who also like wearing them. Some men even have a fear of not having enough face time with other men!

One other popular fancy dress is the Cinderella princess dress. This dress has a very charming look about it. The dress itself is a bright red color, and it has a long train that will reach the floor. You will be able to find Cinderella costumes both online and in local stores.

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