Pretty Dresses That Make You Look Good
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Pretty Dresses That Make You Look Good

Pretty dresses are not just a fashion trend. Rather, they are statements of who you are and what you stand for. If your idea of pretty is having an affair with the most beautiful man in town, then you are certainly not alone. But, if you believe that true beauty lies in a woman who is beautiful and classy regardless of her marital status, then pretty dresses are for you.

The fashion industry has long prided itself on providing the pretty bride. In the old days, brides wore elaborate gowns to their weddings. Nowadays, they prefer something simpler but equally stylish. For years now, the hemline on the top of the dress has always been a point of debate, especially when it comes to women.

Too high or too low can make you look less feminine, not to mention unflattering. Luckily, designers have recently been forced to come up with ways to lessen the illusion of height by introducing slimmer, sleeker and more flattering trends. So if you are planning to marry in the near future and you are still not sure about your ideal pretty dress, here are some tips to help you find the right one:

Consult a seamstress. A good seamstress will know her/her clients best and will know the exact length of a dress in order to make you look your best. You may also want to ask your mother, grandmother or a trusted friend who has already been married to get her opinions. A pretty dress should accentuate your curves and minimize your flaws. Don’t try to wear an ugly dress just because it is pretty. There’s no such thing as a stupid or perfect dress.

Take into consideration your body type. Are you petite with small waists or large ones? Is your weight uneven and/or uneven? Do you have cellulite? All these things should have an impact on the kind of dress you would be comfortable wearing.

Find out if there are any upcoming bridal showers or parties where you can wear your pretty dress. Parties are ideal occasions to wear something that is a little more advanced. You do not have to follow the crowd and go wearing an ugly dress just because it’s pretty. In fact, at a party, you would be making a statement of sorts and would add to the ‘wow’ factor.

Find out what’s in. When shopping for a pretty dress, ask your dressmaker if there are any trends currently being carried out in the market. Go shopping with someone else who can vouch for the dress. Chances are the other person will give you a sound and honest opinion.

Shop online. Online shopping is becoming a preferred option these days when all you have to do is sit in the comfort of your home, switch on your computer and browse through the latest pretty dresses and their websites. You can then compare their prices, designs and details.

Look for special discounts. There are some sites which also offer discounts on dresses. This is ideal for those who want to make the most of their money but do not necessarily want to invest in a brand new dress.

Choose a dress in colors that flatter you best. Pinks and purples look good on most women, whereas other colors work better for some people. It is important to choose a color that compliments your skin and hair type. It is also advisable to buy dresses in the right size. Ask your dressmaker to help you in this regard and find out what size dress works for you.

Wear your pretty dress to various events. Put yourself out there by going out shopping, networking or even hanging out with friends. Your pretty dress will not only be on show at the time; it will also get the attention of others. This will add to your confidence level and help you become more comfortable when you are out amongst the crowd.

Buy pretty dresses from a reliable online store. There are many such online stores that sell pretty dresses. However, you should ensure that the store is reputable. You can read customer reviews about such stores before buying your pretty dress online.

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