The Little Black Dress's Evolution Through the Ages
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The Little Black Dress’s Evolution Through the Ages

The little black dress (LBD) is a versatile garment, designed usually very short and just cut a little above the knee. Fashion historians attribute the roots of the little black dress to Coco Chanel’s 1920’s designs for her short skirts. It’s intended to be durable, flexible, affordable, and long-lasting. The LBD has been worn by women of all backgrounds and figures for more than a century, so it’s time to put it on the mantel of fashion.

Coco Chanel was born in France and grew up in New York City. As a child, she would spend hours looking at dresses modeled by models before she could make the purchase herself. After her parents divorced, Chanel made clothing her profession and launched her line of designer dresses, some of which you’ve worn and loved, into the fashion industry. She was a major success in the clothing market and was sought after by many designers. When the Great Depression hit, Chanel’s line of items became much in demand during the Great Depression as women saved their money to afford them.

When the fashion world needed chic attire for the people affected by the Great Depression, Chanel created what would become the iconic LBD. She altered the basic design slightly to make it more suited for a more women’s silhouette. In the 1926 issue of Vogue magazine, a shorter style of dress was created. The “little black dress” was instantly recognizable because of its signature black color.

Since the early 1920s, the little black dress has evolved. The newest styles are fitted and designed to fall just below the waistline. These fashions are extremely flattering and comfortable to wear every day. From swim suits to casual day-wear, the LBD is versatile enough to be worn in almost any situation. Today, you’ll find LBDs for the trendy guy, the sporty guy, the professional woman and even for those who just want to feel good and look fashionable.

Even though the little black dress first began as a clothing item for the fashionable and stylish, it has evolved over time to become much more than just an elegant piece of clothing. It has become synonymous with style, class and chic. The colors range from subtle beiges to bold blacks and even reds, blues, purples and yellows – a piece of apparel can signify one thing or many things depending on the social classes of people wearing it.

Today, every woman should own at least one wardrobe of the little black dress. Every woman needs a few staple pieces, such as her everyday wardrobe, her travel wardrobe and then her evening dress. The little black dress can be paired with virtually any other pieces of apparel to create a versatile wardrobe that is attractive, graceful and flattering. If a woman wants to keep it simple, she can choose an embellished piece of clothing to pair with her LBD. If she wants to add a splash of color to her ensemble, she can wear a vibrant color that will compliment her outerwear and make her look sophisticated, chic and beautiful.

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