Work Dresses That Show Off Your Curvy Figure
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Work Dresses That Show Off Your Curvy Figure

Work dresses are an important part of every professional woman’s wardrobe. Whether it’s to work in the evening office or to hit the latest fashion trends at a favorite boutique, professional women know their looks are critical to getting the most done and looking great. Finding work dresses that fit properly and make you look good work can be difficult, so we have compiled some top tips for finding the best work dresses. Our tips will help you find not only that work dress of your dreams, but also that work skirt that fit properly and is the right length, too!

Your work dresses always appeal to both your personal fashion sensibilities and to the dress code at the office. By combining vintage time-tested silhouines with fresh, intricate patterns, dazzlingly detailed textures, and delightful little details, layer up among some of our favorite work dresses – even ones that aren’t always your favorite. Layer one of gorgeous work dresses with an amazing new blazer in a gorgeous neutral or cool shade, and you’ll come across not only your perfect work look but your ideal fashion advise – you’ll be looking out for your advice all the time. Likewise, choose one of those gorgeous sheath dresses to add another element of style and comfort to any workday look. Sheath dresses are such a hot trend right now that many work attire suppliers stock them – just look for a blazer in one of those ultra-chic tones or a beautiful cardigan to complete any of these chic choices.

You don’t have to choose a traditional white work skirt to dress up your work dress. Try one of those sexy sheath dresses – think lace, brocade, or chiffon for an ultra-feminine style that’s sure to bring the attention of your male co-workers! Or if you’d prefer to keep it more business-like, opt for a sleek, sheath-skimmed sheath dress that’s perfect for the office as well as for the day. For even more options, think about mixing and matching some of your favorite work outfits to dress up your work skirt!

One of the hottest trends in work attire this season is a tie-dyed work dress that’s perfect for a casual yet smart look. Team a pressed geometric top with an oversized tie dye skirt in a fantastic color. This fun outfit also comes in several trendy shades that are sure to pop up in the office and out of it. Pair a flirty cardigan with an elasticized waist, an oversized shirt, a vintage tie dye skirt, or even a striped work top with a tie dye skirt for an entire day of sassy yet sweet sophistication.

Our favorite trend-setting work dress is the tie-dyed sheath dress. Made in bright, electric-blue fabric, this work dress is perfect for work or a night out on the town. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans and a cardigan for a laid-back weekend look or dress it down with your favorite pair of jeans and a sweater for a more formal occasion. Tie the back of your neckline with a pretty ribbon or add an extra hint of color with some shiny buttons and a lace-up backpack.

What about a wrap dress for the summer? You’ll find plenty of exciting options for an extra special work look for summer. Wrap dresses are great because they have the ability to be dressed up or down – depending on the occasion. Whether you’re heading out to a picnic, the beach, or an evening ball, you’ll have the option to switch out your work outfit for a fun, summertime look.

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