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How to Create a Patchwork Dress?

Patchwork dress is a kind of dress, which is mostly worn by females. The common color of this dress is white. This particular dress is mainly popular among women who are called as dress up for girls. If you know how to create a patchwork dress, you can make it look pretty, traditional and very good.

To begin, you have to start off by making a design of the dress on a piece of paper. You need to use fabric with even threads. Then you have to write down all the small patches, which you have to incorporate in the pattern of the dress. The more patches you have, the more elegant the dress will be. You may also want to write down all the colors of the fabric, which you should use to enhance the elegance of the dress.

After you have done your design, then you have to cut the fabric into patches. Make sure that the holes of the patch are evenly and fairly made. You can use a knife to do this. Another thing that you should do is to sew along the edges of the patch. Also, do not forget to leave the sides open at the top.

Now, the final step is to stitch or glue the patches onto the dress. Using thread like a needle and thread, or fabric thread and embroidery thread, you can attach each patch to the dress. It is important that you use stitching that will provide a neat and tidy look to the patchwork dress. Use a needle and thread that are about a size smaller than the patch.

At this point, you should make sure that the fabric and the patches are both similar in texture. You should also have a lighter or a darker color for the patches. For instance, if you have a light colored patch, you can use a darker colored patch. The same way, if you have a darker patch, you can use a lighter colored patch.

By doing this, you can save time because you will have to sew only one side of the fabric, which means that you can use a lot of light colors or a lot of dark colors. Do not forget to leave some space at the top of the dress. A front pleat can help you do this.

Then, you have to trace over the design that you have on the paper and you have to attach the patches with the help of a curtain rod. If you do not have a curtain rod, you can also do this by using a seam ripper.

Now, take the dress and cut away the pattern from the back of the skirt. With the help of a seam ripper, you can remove the whole pattern from the skirt. Then, use your needles and a sewing machine to sew the skirt together.

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