The Basics of Cocktail Party Dresses
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The Basics of Cocktail Party Dresses

Cocktail party dresses can be used for any type of cocktail party or event, no matter what the occasion. It is often a good idea to have a few dresses available so that guests can choose which one they want based on the occasion. Having several options will allow each guest the option of what they want when it comes to their dress. If you are throwing a cocktail party then you will want to have a few dresses available for your guests to choose from. You will need to have some form of decoration for your cocktail party dress.

Cocktail party dresses can be of any season. If you are planning to have your cocktail party during the colder months then your dresses should be lightweight and airy. Ball gowns cocktail dresses can either be very thin with just a touch of ruching at the waistline or completely strapless. The beauty in many 1950s cocktail dresses were in the design of pleats, ruching, gathers, and folds.

Men’s cocktail party dresses tend to be much heavier than women’s. You will want to have at least two pieces of attire for men. A dress shirt and dark colored pants along with a tuxedo will make a fantastic look. If you are throwing a more casual cocktail attire then you will want to have a nice dress pants outfit along with a nice button up shirt. These will complete your look.

Formal cocktail party dresses can be further classified into semi-formal and formal. Semi-formal attire is generally worn for evening occasions. Formal attire is worn at corporate events and church functions. Many semi-formal dresses will contain more embellishments on the skirt or hemline. Formal gowns will often contain a waist accent or ruffles around the train.

So what is this code that we are trying to decode? This is how you can tell what type of cocktail dresses you should be wearing for a particular event. It is basically a scale that tells you what level of formality is appropriate for the occasion. This system is broken down into four categories. These include: High, Middle, Low, and Decent. Let’s break down each of these categories to better understand what kind of dress you will need to wear.

High – The dress height is quite high such as floor-length sheath dresses or tea length sheath dresses. These are usually long sleeved and cover the entire torso. Cocktail party dresses of this level are ideal for a more formal occasion. The key here is to make sure that the fabric of choice doesn’t bunch up and that it is a comfortable fit. Sheath dresses with long hemlines are best for evening events and not for daytime affairs.

Middle – The cocktail dresses in this level are generally shorter than those in high level. They tend to fall just above the knee and sometimes just below. The good thing about middle level dresses is that they tend to be long enough to be worn in more casual settings such as brunch or beach weddings. Cocktail party dresses of this style should have a casual appeal, while still conveying a certain level of formality. For example, a deep red sheath dress worn with a pair of capris would look beautiful at your wedding but would look silly at a picnic or lazy summer afternoon picnic. Avoid dresses like this at formal events, unless of course you are attending an engagement party.

Low – The dress length in this level tends to be short and simple, so perfect for casual settings and events. Cocktail party dresses of this level will look great on almost anyone from early twenty-five to late sixties. Avoid dresses in this level if you have a lot of physical or mental challenges such as a heart condition, arthritis or any other ailments. Avoid formal dresses at all costs during spring and summer, as these types of dresses can cause discomfort.

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