Top 5 Stylish Formal Wear For Women
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Top 5 Stylish Formal Wear For Women

Formal wear for women has always been in trend. Indian formal wear is certainly the latest fashion craze and it is making lots of celebrities out there in India. It is not only for the working people and corporate professionals either, it is fast becoming a favorite fashion trend amongst all kinds of female population. So, let’s take a brief look at both western and Indian formal wear. First thing first, the term ‘formal’ is loosely used for various reasons. However, the main reason behind this is that, unlike in western countries, where formal wear are mostly associated with dresses, Indian formal wear includes a wide variety of options.

You could be a college student who loves to wear a sari or a housewife who wants to wear kurta. In either case, wearing a formally attired outfit implies a certain amount of formality and value that the wearer adds to her personality. And as you can see, Indian women often feel they need to add a bit of style quotient to their overall look to be considered attractive and desirable.

While on the topic of formality, Indian formal wear always includes various shades of color. They are bright and vibrant and represent the richness of Indian culture and tradition. They include colors like red, maroon, pink, blue, green and so forth. Some popular colors include gold, silver, copper, and so forth. Most of these shades are preferred by married women who want to add some bling to their otherwise bland and sober looking skirts or trousers.

On the other hand, in case of the non-westernized countries like ours, most women don’t have too much freedom to choose colors. Especially in formal wear, the color should always match the clothing, shoes, and hairdo. If you feel comfortable in your dress, then you can do anything in the shade of your choice. However, this is not the case with jeans, shorts, etc.

Women who love to shop for classy dresses and sarees always look out for different options. Formal wear has many different options and they help women feel comfortable in different situations. They can be worn on special occasions like marriages and parties to look your best.

The main advantage of wearing an ethnic dress is that it has a classic look that is not possible with so many different options available in the market. You can team your formal wear with a pair of jeans and a plain shirt. Many designers are also coming up with new styles of trousers that look stylish and chic. When it comes to wearing the trousers, always try to wear them slightly above the knee so that you do not have to bend over.

A pair of good quality black leather boots can complete your formal ensemble. One should also avoid wearing trendy coloured stockings and other accessories. One should also try to avoid wearing a patterned dress as it looks untidy. You can team your formal wear with a beautiful scarf and some elegant jewellery to complete the whole look. The important accessories include your hair clips and makeup kit. It is always good to carry a hand bag with you when going out.

The traditional and classical dress pant suits are a favourite choice for women who love to wear high-heeled shoes. You can go for a strapless or a halter type of pant suit that fits your body type. One can also wear a pant suit with a long-sleeved blouse and matching tights underneath. If you want to look more formal than your casual wear, you can carry a classic handbag with you.

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