Wearing a Silver Dress For the Day of Your Wedding
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Wearing a Silver Dress For the Day of Your Wedding

Accessorizing a silver dress may be a little more difficult than the usual small black dress that you may be familiar with. Whether it is a large short silver dress for a wedding or a smaller, more classic style, nothing makes you the center of attention quite like a sparkling, sparkly dress. When you are looking for ways to accessorize your silver dresses, the most common thought is to buy jewelry, but you should also look for ways to add your own personal touch to the dress. If you know your skin tone and jewelry styles, you will be able to find some pretty unique designs that you can add to the overall look of the dress. Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider when accessorizing your silver bridal jewelry.

One great idea to accessorize a silver dress is to wear a small pair of clear shoes with a silver clutch. If you have already picked out your bridal jewelry and have a great looking purse, why not bring the whole look together with a nice pair of crystal clear shoes? You could easily buy a pair of sparkly pink patent leather pumps, or even a pair of sexy suede pumps if you would like. Then you can wear your crystal bridal jewelry and a matching clutch bag to match. Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of money on this accessory. Just take your time to find some pretty interesting ones that you love!

Another way to accessorize your silver dress is with some holiday season metallic dresses. If you love silver, you are in luck because many designers are now making metallic silver shoes as part of their shoe selections. If you aren’t into the classic metallic silver shoes, you will also be able to find some very beautiful boots that are made to look like they are made out of silver. You can also choose between silver flats and fancy silver high heel sandals. The trick is to choose the one that best complements your silver dress. These can really add some instant style to your outfit and definitely make you feel a lot more festive.

Of course, if you absolutely cannot stand to wear a silver dress with any type of footwear, there are still other alternatives. You can always wear a pair of high heeled boots or some fancy flats. If you do decide to wear these though, make sure you try them on before you put them on. Silver flat shoes can sometimes feel a little strange when you are wearing them with a silver dress, because they can sometimes look a little too heavy. If you don’t want to end up feeling too heavy, then it is always a good idea to go with a pair of high heeled boots or sandals that are made to look like they are made out of silver.

Finally, it is always a good idea to wear the right makeup if you want to look your best on your silver dress. Of course, you want to make sure that you get the right makeup for the occasion – but it is also important to find something that looks good on you as well. For instance, silver tends to be a color that can look great with sheer makeup, such as powder and sheer eyeliner. This will help to highlight your eyes without making them too obvious. You can of course use the traditional liquid or cream eyeshadow, but it is just as easy to find some sparkly eye makeup that will really catch the light and create some dramatic eye shadow.

There are some other things that you should also do if you are going to wear a silver dress on your big day. One thing that you will want to avoid doing is applying too much glitter on your silver dress. As tempting as glittery silver jewelry can be, this will make you look gaudy rather than classy. If you have glittery jewelry on, it will look even worse! One other thing that you will want to avoid doing is not taking care of your hair. If you do end up with matted hair, then this can really take away from your look, so it is very important to keep your hair in great condition.

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