How to Look Awesome in A Line Dress
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How to Look Awesome in A Line Dress?

With the ever increasing popularity of Line dresses, it’s no surprise that so many people wish to know how to wear one. What makes an A-Line cut so much different than a regular hemline? Actually quite a bit! These dresses begin to flare out at the waist and stop just below the hip when the dress is full length. Because of this, it is difficult to get into and because the hem of the dress goes right to the top of the hips, many choose to leave part of their dress exposed.

These dresses are often paired with sporty tops or even tank tops and the drop-waist dress is a great choice for athletic women. This allows for plenty of room and still maintain a sleek look. Since they flare out at the waist, the bust is also properly showcased. Some of these dresses come with a slightly sleeveless option, while others are completely open. For those who are not athletic, there are also a variety of off-shoulder styles to choose from as well.

A-Line dresses are great for all sorts of body types and all sorts of body shapes. They look best on a person with a curvy shape such as a pear, apple, or inverted triangle. They can work with a variety of styles, including strapless and spaghetti straps. The A-Line is perfect for athletic women as well as those who have a more rectangular shaped body.

Women with a straight body shape will appreciate the Empire cut of A-Line dresses as they flare out at the waist but do not go straight up to the top of the hips. The natural waistline creates a natural looking hourglass shape, which is perfect for those with an athletic build. Women with a curvy side should consider choosing a flared empire cut to draw attention to their curvy sides.

The last type of A-Line dress is the trapeze dress. The name of this style is self-explanatory as it is designed to cascade from the waistline to rest at your hips with a slight curve. The best style of the trapeze dress is one that has a natural waistline but with lines that are graceful rather than sexy. This style works best for women who are athletic as they do not need to worry about muffin tops or short shorts. A straight cut or one that flares out at the bottom of the hips is more appropriate for women with a curvy shape. Women with a more normal shape should consider choosing a traditional A-Line style with a moderate amount of versatility.

You can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful new styles. They are fun and flirty and can really make you feel like a movie star (or starlet!) When you mix them with the right accessories, you will look awesome!

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