Stylish Engagement Dresses for Brides Who Wear Lehengas
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Stylish Engagement Dresses for Brides Who Wear Lehengas

Engagement dresses can be quite elaborate and be very expensive. You want everything about your wedding to be perfect but you also do not want to break the bank. There are some beautiful engagement dresses available at affordable prices and you can find many of them online. You may not have been a part of these kinds of ceremonies before but they certainly have meaning to you now. Engagement is not a simple commitment that comes around every year and there are some very important people in your life to make your wedding day special. Your engagement is more like a rite of passage for you two.

Most engagement dresses are usually either white ivory or sometimes champagne but occasionally can be various other colors as well. Some brides prefer to complement their engagement dresses with the color scheme of their wedding. They may want to use all white or they may decide to add some splashes of color with a black gown and matching headpiece. There is nothing wrong with using these colors or any other color scheme that is offered by the designer. Just make sure the accessories to match so that the final outfit does not look like it was designed just for you.

Another way to keep costs under control is to choose an outfit in neutral colors. You do not want to buy a pink or purple dress for your engagement because neither one of them will compliment your skin tone very well. You do not want your bridesmaids to wear something too flashy either. Keep in mind that most weddings are held outdoors anyway so it is probably just as much sense to wear something understated as it is to wear something loud and brash. Many brides wear something less formal than their bridesmaids in their engagement dresses, so why should you?

If you want your engagement dresses to create an image via the rest of your wedding ensemble, you can choose something more subtle and wear a neutral colored top and bridal jewelry. However, if you would rather emphasize your own figure and style then go ahead and wear a brightly colored, form-fitting outfit or bridal jewelry. Remember that the most important thing about your image via your engagement gown is the way it looks on you and how well you believe it will enhance the image you have projecting to your wedding guests.

Brides with fuller complexions can wear a strapless gown with a sash to add to their shapely frames. If your own gown is too form-fitting then you can always opt for an off-shoulder or backless dress that will help show off your curves. Off-shoulder gowns are especially popular among brides with plus size figures because these gowns are not so tight that they show off extra weight. Backless or open bras give the illusion of more cleavage and make it easier for a bride to breathe. It is recommended that brides with bigger busts buy a bra with adjustable cups so that they can choose the right bra size for their own figure and the type of engagement dresses they are wearing.

Color is another important consideration for engagement dresses that brides wearing lehengas should bear in mind. Neutral shades in shades like charcoal, cream and beige can be ideal choices for brides wearing lehengas. A light purple or royal blue lehenga with jeweled embellishments will look very trendy. For brides wearing a long lehenga, it is advisable to opt for a color like light brown so as to soften the look and not to draw undue attention to her midsection.

One of the best engagement dresses that a bride can wear is an engagement area. This is because an engagement area is considered as traditional and auspicious in Indian culture. A well-chosen area can help flaunt your ethnic features while at the same time making a statement of style and beauty. Brides who choose ethnic engagement dresses should also consider getting a matching sari to complement the saree beautifully.

An engagement outfit can be made vibrant and exciting by the right combination of accessories and colors. The right accessories can be in the form of engagement rings, brooches, headbands and charms. However, when it comes to colors, a lovely saree or lehenga can be worn with almost anything including gold jewelry.

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