The Many Colors of Blue Dresses
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The Many Colors of Blue Dresses

It’s the latest trend to wear a different shade of blue for each different occasion. Whether or not blue is always your typical go to color, there s bound to be a versatile shade in this year’s wardrobe update. From royal blue to adorable baby blue and ultra-chic mini to elegant long, you got a great shade and a palette to match every taste. Be ready for a big evening out with sharp blue or rock your new season wardrobe with fun cornflower blue dresses. You can find everything you need for any occasion from the latest spring/summer collection of gorgeous spring/summer dresses to whimsical and classy blue evening dresses.

If you are in the market for some lovely lavender dresses, try a fun gown with a twist. A blue fitted bodice with a purple sash is sure to turn heads as ladies of all ages enjoy this fun color. The bodice is embellished with ruffles which circle the neckline and are finished off with a purple sash. The back of this gown features a fitted bodice with an attached bolero and an elastic waistline. All accessories are in ivory and the dress has been crafted in satin.

If your ambition is to go somewhere classy yet comfortable, opt for a cool lavender gown with an interesting pattern. A blue dress with an embellished bodice and ruffled trim is just the thing for this look. A turquoise blue dress is ideal for any night out as it combines color with glamour, making it a real head turner. A black dress with a pattern in blue, green or purple will have women asking you where you got that dress.

Cool colors are always in style and are rarely seen in men’s clothing. However, women can pull off cool patterns and shades with ease. For instance, a blue suit with a blue stripe makes for a great smart casual dress while black skirts in cool pastel shades go equally well with tights in shades of blue. A strapless blue dress gives a slimming appearance and is ideal for women who want to feel comfortable yet stylish.

There is something undeniably feminine about blue dresses – especially if the fabric is rich and luxurious. A fine example is a beautiful blue satin gown from John Alexander, which hugs the body from top to bottom in a smooth elegance. Blue is a color that evokes desire and women love to wear it because of its innate sensuality. The color tones of lavender and chocolate tend to make women feel special; therefore, you should make sure that the dresses you wear have ample amounts of these delicate color tones.

Some designers go a step further and create blue evening gowns, blue tuxedos and blue cocktail gowns to suit any theme. However, when it comes to blue formal dresses, you have a wide variety to choose from, including chic sheath gowns that have beaded lace-up backlines and beaded hems, empire waist dresses that have beaded bodice with a waistline flaring out at the navel, A-line dresses, and long sleeve shirts with cap sleeves. These dresses look absolutely stunning when worn with black shoes or pumps. For a more casual look, a denim skirt with a blue hue is also quite popular and looks quite hip.

In addition, blue drapes, window treatments and shades complement the color tones perfectly. In fact, the term “blue” is actually derived from the Greek word “zeikos” which means “cloud”. This can lend an air of mystery to any attire – as when you see a man wearing a blue shirt, you automatically assume that he might be some sort of prince or princess. Blue looks good on all skin tones, but it is most flattering on those with pale skin as the color has an ethereal quality about it. It also does not look good on dark skin since the darkness of the color makes it seem gaudy and makes it seem like the wearer is trying too hard to be pulled off. On the other hand, light skinned people look great in blue because they tend to appear cooler and this adds to its allure.

When it comes to accessories, blue Dresses are quite versatile since you can wear them with almost anything. Your jewelry may be studded with diamonds and earrings set in different blue hues. It looks great with baggy pants, jeans, or khakis and if you want, you can team it up with a lovely blouse and skirt for a romantic evening out. Blue Dresses look best worn with accessories, such as belts, so that you get a complete look. You do not need to add too many accessories because the color of the blue will help carry the look.

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